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Usuki Frenzy
Last Updated August 29, 2005 | Written by: Uslibra

Usuki Frenzy
No Avatar

With her parents screaming at her to leave, Sally the Usul has two minutes to run about her house and pick up her ten favourite Usuki sets to dress her Usuki Dolls. Are you up to the challenge?

Use the Arrow Keys to move Sally through all 5 rooms of her Neohome. If you pick up a wrong set, quickly place it back on the shelf before you continue.
//End Description
Usuki Frenzy is one of the easiest games to play for points. It usually gives you about 200 points per game, but played three times gives you a worthy amount of points for your time. When you press the “play” button, you appear as the Usuki in her room. On the bottom of your screen are pictures of 10 items you must retrieve (just run over them with the Usuki using your arrow keys). The time is also displayed here. Try to get these items as quickly as possible, because the shorter amount of time you take, the more points you get!

As you can see, the red box is the shelf. When you pick up the wrong item, run off to the shelf and stand as close to it as possible. You’ve dropped that incorrect item off. And don’t worry! They will tell you when you picked up the wrong item. The usuki will say something (it will appear as text) and the shelf will have arrows pointing at it, as shown.

(: There are also several rooms you have to maneuver through, but that's fairly easy to pick up. So-good luck!